Thrush Celebrates 50 Years with New Muffler Series

Feb 24, 2016

Thrush, the vintage brand that brought the classic red Glasspack muffler to the very first generation of muscle car enthusiasts, celebrates its 50th anniversary year with the launch of a new muffler and new website.

The Thrush sound, the red Glasspack muffler and Turbo, the famous bird in the logo, all bring back a feeling of nostalgia, classic sound and performance among early muscle car enthusiasts,” said Chris Gauss, director of performance brands for Tenneco. “It’s going to be a great celebration throughout 2016.”

The Thrush brand will soon launch a new muffler series, the Thrush Rattler. The new product delivers an aggressive sound through its single-chambered design. The Rattler, finished in a high-temp black finish, includes a fully welded aluminized steel constructed design available in 18-inch length (choice of 2.25-, 2.5-, 3- or 4-inch inlets and outlets), according to Thrush.

Thrush Welded mufflers are fully welded, two-chamber mufflers that produce a unique, aggressive tone, according to the company. Also, a variety of complete Thrush header-back exhaust systems are available for popular hot rods and muscle cars, including 1960s-era Camaros, Mustangs, Firebirds, GTOs, Novas, trucks and more.