The Tessman Project Car Races Cancer

Jul 24, 2014

“The main thing for this project is for cancer awareness, which is close to my heart. I lost my mom, my dad, and my brother due to cancer, so this project hits home,” Tessman said. He was 12 when he lost his father.

Tessman does a project car every year for the SEMA Show. This year he is teaming with Hyundai Motor America (HMA), the American Cancer Society and SimonMed Imaging with hopes that the car has a big impact on cancer awareness. SimonMed is an organization striving to provide affordable diagnostic imaging to catch cancer early. Tessman’s son, Sean Tessman, has helped with FearOne since the beginning, but has also been employed with SimonMed for the past year and has volunteered even longer.

According to Sean, the company is community minded and committed to raising awareness about the importance of early detection. Sean came up with the idea of partnering his two passions.

“I approached my father and told him we have a platform here where we can operate and do what we really love to do afterhours and combine it with something I’m passionate about. He said, ‘Not only do I want to do this, I want to do this a few times and try to get the message out there and share about early detection and how that can prevent lost life,’” Sean said. “So, we decided to approach Simon Medical Imaging. We sent info and rendering to the president and marketing team to discuss possibilities.”

Roger will be working with Arizona-based sponsors, such as Prescott Auto Center and Knoxy’s Finish Line Upholstery, to spruce the car up when it arrives in early August. This gives plenty of time for the car’s completion. An advantage of getting the car as soon as August is the additional publicity it could earn.

One sponsor, MGP Caliper Covers, will use the car to unveil a new product, according to Roger. He and the carwill be at the MGP booth at the show in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention center.

The 2015 Genesis Coupe project will be fit with custom leather seats by Katzkin leather, exterior metallic plum wrap by Arlon and Candy Ghost monochromatic graphics by Red Beard Graphics. Vossen Wheels is providing the wheels.

“FearOne is humbled by the sponsors that work with us,” Sean said. “They provide the parts necessary for the project, and we couldn’t do it without them.”

More than 35 sponsors are providing the parts and labor required for the project, with the potential for more climbing aboard.

Roger said that the car is pitched toward the drift scene because that’s where many of the younger car enthusiasts are focused.

“Obviously, I want to bring awareness to the older and younger generations,” Roger said, “but I think it’s important to bring the younger generation into that.”

While Roger and Sean have worked together on many cars for several years, this project involves a newcomer: Sean’s fiancée, Brittney Gregory. She has gotten her feet wet by offering concept suggestions, according to Sean.

“She jumped onboard and really got to know what my father and I do and said, ‘you know, I’d like to do a project with you guys in the future and let me know if there’s anything available,’” Sean said. “This car is actually a FearOne project, but behind the scenes it’s a girl’s tuner car.”

Gregory also helps Sean with the publicity events he does for cancer awareness on behalf of SimonMed. Recently, they have been attending car shows to spread the word that SimonMed will soon offer free mammography screenings to uninsured cash-pay patients for the whole month of October.

Together, the Tessmans and the soon-to-be-Tessman are sharing a love of cars and a desire to help the community. Now, and in the future, they are working to make those one and the same.

“It’s one of those things where the message can never stop. You have to hit the message head on,” Sean said. “We have to utilize every platform we have.”

FearOne has tentatively planned to auction off the car and use the proceeds to further cancer awareness.