Team Z Motorsports Debuts Adjustable 9-Inch Housing

Mar 15, 2016

Premier performance manufacturer Team Z Motorsports recently released a 9-inch Fox Body housing.

The new Team Z 9-inch housing features adjustable upper and lower control mounts to ensure racers are getting the hardest and most consistent launches every pass, according to the company.

“On many aftermarket 9-inch housings, as you begin to lower the car and the upper control arms are in the location that they end up on a 9 inch-what most often becomes the case is a very short instant center in the car”, said Dave Zimmerman, founder of Team Z Motorsports. “That tends to cause a car to hook well in the first 20 to 30 feet of the racetrack, but once the power begins to come in, it’ll unload the chassis due to both the short instant center and the high anti-squat value.”

Adjustability is key, according to Zimmerman.

“The geometry on the upper control arms in our new housing is ideal. We have multiple pickup points on the top, and most 9-inch housings out there don’t have the correct pickup points. With the multiple pickup point options, you can raise or lower the car, and while no one would ever raise it, if you lower the car, you have the ability to adjust the upper control arms. And the same goes for the lower control arms as well. We have four pickup points on the lowers for adjustability.”