SUVs and CUVs Outpace Sedans in Popularity

Jul 17, 2014

SUVs and CUVs now make 36.5 percent of the new-vehicle market. In the past five years, SUVs and CUVs have seen an increase of 5 percent, while sedans have dropped by 1 percent.

When comparing the current percentages with those from five years ago, SUVs and CUVs are the only style to have a higher present percentage. This is excepting the Station Wagon, which showed an increase of 0.1 percent. Sedans, pickups, hatchbacks, vans, coupes and convertibles all showed a decline, according to HIS Automotive.

Tom Libby, manager of loyalty solutions and industry analysis at IHS Automotive, commented that the popularity might be due to the features associated with cars or light trucks that SUVs and CUVs combine.

“Between product introduction activity and expected decline in fuel prices, market conditions in the short-term forecast point to continued momentum within the SUV/CUV segments,” said Chris Hopson, manager of North American light vehicle sales forecasting for IHS Automotive. “Longer term, concerns over fuel efficiency standards and rising oil prices are expected to pressure light truck sales.”