Superman-themed restyled Optima flies high at Chicago Auto Show

Feb 13, 2013

Kia Motors America (KMA) unveiled a Superman-inspired restyled Kia Optima Hybrid at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

The Superman-themed Optima Hybrid is the sixth of eight customized Kia vehicles representing characters from the Justice League to benefit DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign, a relief effort to bring help and hope to people affected by the drought and famine in Africa.

KMA teamed with DC Entertainment and Super Street magazine to create the vehicle, which was designed with Superman’s “strength and unwavering care for planet Earth” in mind, according to a press release from the automaker.

The Optima was widened with custom fenders, giving the vehicle a muscular appearance, and it features an adjustable suspension system that can raise and lower the vehicle with the push of a button. The color scheme on the hood spotlights Superman’s chest emblem with an eye-catching red paint design that extends to the trunk, evoking the look of his crimson cape. The beveled front grille resembles Superman’s belt, and the glow of the red headlights is reminiscent of his heat vision.

The Optima Hybrid’s interior was designed with custom materials designed to reflect Superman’s battle armor, and Superman’s iconic “S” shield is integrated into the seats and steering wheel.

When the vehicle is on display, two video screens in the front-seat headrests raise awareness about the world’s hunger crisis by showing a custom “We Can Be Heroes” video that demonstrates how one small act can make anyone a hero.

The Optima Hybrid is a continuation of a 10-month, eight-vehicle partnership between Kia and DC Entertainment. An eighth and final vehicle will be an amalgamation of all seven super heroes from Justice League comic book pages.