Street Rod Electronic Distributor

Jan 7, 2016

Blending modern technology with nostalgic looks is a popular way for hot rodders to get the best of both worlds.

The Scintilla USA brand, maker of high-performance magnetos since 1925, returns to the automotive aftermarket with the new Mag Look electronic distributor for EFI and carbureted applications.

“Unlike other designs that incorporate the coil and electronic components inside the distributor, which creates unwanted electronic noise and damaging heat that can lead to failure, the Scintilla Mag Look distributor takes advantage of modern electronics for precise ignition control,” the company noted.

An exclusive Hall effect pickup delivers a highly accurate square wave signal to the ECU for precise timing, and a remote coil creates powerful ignition while maintaining an old-school appearance.

Made in the USA, the Scintilla Mag Look Distributor features a 0.625 diameter, one-piece shaft, Oilite bronze bushings, full-size rotor and a Vertex-brand cap for use with 8mm wires. It can also be used on non-EFI spark-controlled applications with an MSD digital programmable 6AL-2 ignition box, and is compatible with most EFI controllers, including Holley, FAST, Big Stuff 3, Motec and others.

Engine applications include big- and small-block Chevy, Chevy 348-409, early/late Chrysler Hemi, Ford 302, Ford 351 Cleveland/Windsor, Ford FE and Buick Nailhead.