The Story of Mustang Hits the Silver Screen

Oct 12, 2015

On the heels of its premiere at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, A Faster Horse is now available online while it hits theaters in select cities. Watch the teaser above by White Horse Pictures. Director David Gelb-known for the critically-acclaimed documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi-uses his latest film to tackle another venerable, beloved, and long-standing institution: the Ford Mustang.

A Faster Horse tracks the conception, design and marketing journey of the 2015 Mustang, the iconic vehicle’s fifth redesign since its 1964 debut. The Mustang engineering and design teams, led by Chief Program Engineer Dave Pericak, bare the weight of thousands of Mustang devotees from around the globe as the car travels from assembly floor to showroom.

Gelb’s direction attempts a rigorous, high-energy look at the history of Ford and the emotional connection many have to the definitive muscle car.

The film is exclusively available to rent or buy on Vimeo On Demand. It’s also screening in Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Boston, Miami, Houston, Philidelphia, Tampa and Sacramento.