Specialty Tire Producer to Star in Reality TV Show

Feb 5, 2014

Corky Coker, owner of Coker Tire Co., is featured on a Travel Channel reality TV show chronicling his search for antique cars, motorcycles, trucks, gas pumps and road signs.

Backroad Gold, which debuts this week (Feb. 5), will highlight Coker’s adventures as he scours the highways, back roads and small towns of America to find automobile memorabilia to buy, restore and sell at his shop, Honest Charley, in Chattanooga, Tenn. The first season features eight episodes, according to the Travel Channel.

Coker, an expert on collecting and restoring antique automobiles and motorcycles, will travel with a team of restorers, including his father, Harold, son-in-law, Greg, daughter, Casey, and head wrench, Hal. Coker speaks frequently regarding the collector car hobby, vehicle legislation and the future of the automotive restoration market, according to the Travel Channel.

Don’t miss Backroad Gold at 9:30 EST on Wednesdays.