‘Spare Tire’ Propane Tank Approved for U.S. Market

Aug 6, 2014

The tanks, manufactured at Worthington’s premier facility in Poland for nearly 20 years, have been present throughout Europe, South America and Asia. Worthington saw the need for the convenient tire-sized tanks in North America as an alternative to their line of cylindrical tanks, according to the company, and met the stringent ASME propane autogas fuel tank regulations to earn approval. ASME provides engineering and manufacturing regulations that hold products to quality and safety standards exceeding the requirements in Europe.

“We successfully met ASME’s rigorous materials, production, testing and design requirements for the North American market,” said Wayne Powers, general manager of alternative fuels for Worthington Industries. “Earning this certification and having the ability to deliver this high-quality product will benefit fleet owners interested in fuel conversion and provide them a design that maximizes cargo space by only utilizing the spare tire space of a vehicle.”

Varying in size and shape to fit a variety of vehicles, eight models of the fuel tanks are ASME-certified. The diversity of the tanks will provide an opportunity for most vehicles to convert to propane autogas, a clean-burning, domestically produced fuel that offers fleet managers an economical alternative to gasoline and other fuels, according to Worthington.

“The tank’s unique design is perfect for taxi fleets, and many others, which will now have the opportunity to switch to propane autogas when they previously couldn’t sacrifice the trunk space or cargo room,” Powers said.

The new fuel tanks will be in full production this fall, available for purchase in full container to minimum quantity orders.