SPAL Automotive USA Receives Supplier Award

Oct 24, 2013

SPAL Automotive USA, a provider of systems components and support for OEM and aftermarket applications based in Ankeny, Iowa, recently received the “Supplier Excellence Award” from the Red Dot Corp. in recognition of its outstanding supplier service, according to SPAL Automotive USA.

Meanwhile, the company was also registered by Aurora, Colo.-based Orion Registrar Inc. for conforming to the systems and practices required for ISO 2008:9001 certification.

ISO 2008:9001 certification emphasizes a process approach, customer satisfaction, a “plan-to-do-check-act” cycle and the continual improvement of the management system, according to SPAL Automotive USA.

“This certification helps to ensure that customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services,” the company said. “We are extremely proud of the dedication from our employees and their ongoing pursuit for excellence and will continue to strive for improvement in order to better the products and services we provide to our customers.”