Sonus Car Audio Introduces New Fabrication Tools

Apr 24, 2014

The CNT Router Bit is designed to increase speed and efficiency in simple fabrication duties, and to produce repeatable results, according to Sonus Car Audio. This special Rabbet Bit cuts at .009-inch, and utilizes airGAP Technology for mating composite substrate. It allows a friction fit without causing damage to the materials. In addition, the bit is built on a common .500-inch bearing to extend tool life and allow for quick recovery with minimal downtime for mechanical bearing failure, should it occur.

The Evolution LayupFG material by Sonus Car Audio.

The new Evolution LayupFG Polyresin material is a black pigment-infused material, which is excellent for creating production quality layups quickly and easily, according to Sonus Car Audio.

The material’s water-thin viscosity permeates multiple layers of fiberglass mat in one pass, allowing faster build-up of a project’s structural layers, and cures quickly to reduce overall project time. The metal gallon container eliminates UV deterioration, allowing extended shelf life, typically longer than six months. An available spout accessory allows proper dispensing of product with no mess or dripping onto work surfaces, keeping cleanup to a minimum.

For more information, contact owner Micah Williams at, or call 931-802-8913.