Song Download Benefits Drag Racing History

Jan 30, 2015

With the passing of many of the founders of drag racing in recent years, the non-profit Quarter Mile Foundation organization is dedicated to preserving the sport’s history through interviews, photos and film to educate and motivate future generations of racing enthusiasts.

The foundation is introducing a new music download promotion with the award-winning rock band CTS (Consider the Source) to generate funding for the organization’s ambitious documentary television series with the working title of Project 1320.

Project 1320 will be a multi-episode documentary about the birth of drag racing, its growth and how a multi-billion dollar automotive aftermarket industry was created to support it. Using first-person interviews from surviving pioneers of the sport, the series will cover the people, vehicles, races, technology and entrepreneurs who built the foundation for one America’s most popular racing series, according to the organization.

Episodes will cover each decade of drag racing history from late-1940 to current day. Interviews of the sport’s legends including Carroll Shelby, Joe Amato, Linda Vaughn, Dave McClelland and many others will be featured in the series, directed and produced by noted drag racing television producer John Mullin, who created televised races for ABC and The Nashville Network for nearly two decades.

Valerie Thompson, seven-time motorcycle land speed racing record holder and former drag racer, inspired her friend and CTS founder, Jeff Senour, to write Quarter Mile about her life in the fast lane. Website visitors can download the song for 99 cents, with proceeds benefiting the Quarter Mile Foundation (download fees are tax deductible).

Traci Hrudka, founder and chairman of the Quarter Mile Foundation, grew up around drag strips in almost every state watching her father and uncle race and sell high-performance equipment to the competitors. Their sales efforts eventually built a multi-million dollar business supporting the quickly growing drag racing industry.

“My good friend, Maggie Green Summers Peace, recently produced an extraordinary video for our foundation using photos and film from our archives. The video soundtrack features Quarter Mile. I love the video and music because it really brings our mission to life,” said Hrudka. “The video has received such a great response, we are now offering Quarter Mile as a music download on our website to raise funds for Project1320. I can’t thank Jeff and the CTS band enough for giving us this opportunity to utilize their wonderful work.”

CTS won the 2014 Founders Award from the Military Writers Society for its most recent music video, Hit And Run. The Founders Award recognizes authors, poets, or songwriters whose work benefits the community; only one award is presented to a top artist each year, according to a press release

“We are very excited to be a part of the Quarter Mile Foundation’s work to preserve the history of drag racing. Traci is an inspiration to all us who love the sport. Quarter Mile is a shining example that with hard work your dreams can come true,” said Senour.

To download Quarter Mile, visit or Tax-deductible donations to support the new documentary are also welcome.