SlamAir Shocks Fit for Vintage Trucks

Sep 23, 2016

Air Lift Performance SlamAir shocks work with a host of applications, enabling car enthusiasts to easily achieve the casual stance or full slam they desire from their hot rod or vintage pickup. SlamAir shocks are designed to be a value priced replacement for a coil-over suspension, but with the many added benefits of air, according to Air Lift.

A universal product, SlamAir kits are customizable. Depending on the application, kits can include a double-bellows or a sleeve-style air spring to support the load of the vehicle. Customized per order, SlamAir offers a wide variety of upper and lower end mount options, including bushing, upper stud, and spherical bearing mount options, according to Air Lift. A lower end stud adapter, tee bar trunnion mount, and bushing and spherical bearings are also options.

For adjustability, some kits offer up to nine levels of damping adjustability and 2-plus degrees of camber adjustment. With up to 9.7-inches of stroke, larger vehicles not only get the expected slammed look, they also can easily tuck the tire for stance, according to Air Lift.