Shelby Expands European Presence

Shelby American Inc. and Carroll Shelby Licensing have signed agreements with GU Auto Trade to distribute vehicles, parts and licensed merchandise in Europe as part of its global expansion. Under the arrangement, current model Shelby cars and merchandise will be available through 14 dealers in 11 countries across the region.

“The demand for the Shelby brand continues to grow worldwide,” said Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “Our agreements with GU Auto Trade will significantly expand distribution in Europe, where Shelby American has a strong reputation for performance based on our tremendous racing heritage in that region. This is a major win for Shelby American, for GU Auto Trade and most of all, Shelby fans across Europe.”

GU Auto Trade will offer the Shelby line of vehicles through its dealers. The first Shelby GTE, which has 750 horsepower and a host of performance upgrades, will be delivered and shown at the Berlin dealer conference this month.

“Our dealers specialize in American performance vehicles and they are keenly aware of the tremendous hunger for cars from Shelby,” said Lili Gu, president of GU Auto Trade. “Their limited-edition vehicles appeal equally to the enthusiast and the collector. This is a tremendous opportunity for Europeans, who value Shelby American’s sports car world championship and Le Mans victories, to own something truly unique and special.”

GU Auto Trade has dealers in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Finland, the United Kingdom and Russia. In addition to the vehicles, they will have the opportunity to offer Shelby Performance Parts and licensed merchandise.

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