SEMA President Renews Call for RPM Act Support

SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting is calling for renewed support for the RPM Act of 2017. Kersting explained in a recent video (above) released by the SEMA Action Network that the RPM Act requires additional support after being reintroduced in Congress. 

The 2016 version of the RPM Act lapsed due to last year’s shortened election year schedule. The new Congress wasted no time in reintroducing the 2017 version in January and both bills have bipartisan support (80 cosponsors in the House, 16 in the Senate). 

“In order to continue this support, enthusiasts and industry members need to send new letters to the new Congress,” SEMA stated in a news release. “Even if someone sent a letter last year, it is critical that s/he send a new letter this year, using the same easy form.”

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