Rydeen Introduces Entry-Level 12-Volt Brand

May 9, 2017

Rydeen Mobile Electronics is releasing its new entry-level lineup of mirrors and cameras under new brandname, RoadGear Mobile.

The RoadGear brand is now shipping from the Rydeen Mobile facility in Torrance, California.

“Rydeen has the reputation as a high quality brand of safety products, however, our customers have been asking for product with entry level price points,” said Mike Northup, director of sales and marketing for Rydeen Mobile. “The new RoadGear brand gives Rydeen presence in the entry-level category and will be important to meeting our customer demand and increasing market share for Rydeen.”

The RoadGear Mobile line includes three new Rear View Mirrors with monitors, as well as several back up cameras, commercial cameras, ultrasonic parking sensors and a wide selection of mirror mounting systems and accessories.

The new www.RoadGearMobile.com website is coming soon.