Roush Yates Enters New Partnership, Continues Another

May 2, 2017

Roush Yates Engines has entered a new partnership with Gamma Technologies, an industry leader in engine and vehicle simulation.

“Gamma Technologies is a global leader in multi-physics CAE simulation software,” said Doug Yates, president and CEO of Roush Yates Engines. “Their continued passion for evolving simulation tools aligns well with our constant development and evolution of high performance race engines.”

Gamma Technologies’ GT-SUITE, is a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tool that provides efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy to time sensitive modeling analysis. What makes GT-SUITE so powerful is that high-fidelity 3D component models are seamlessly integrated into 1D/0D system-level models. This supplies accurate transient multi-physics boundary conditions and assures two-way interactions between all of the sub-systems. It offers engineers functionalities ranging from fast concept design to detailed system or sub-system/component analyses, design optimization, and root cause investigation, according to Roush Yates.

Mitee-Bite Products

Roush Yates Engines  also announced a multi-year extension with Mitee-Bite Products, a supplier of high-density, low-profile clamping solutions.
The official partnership started in 2015, but the relationship has been in place since the founding of Roush Yates Engines in 2003.

“The entire family at Mitee-Bite has been a great partner to us in providing world-class clamping tools, fixtures and solutions to solve our clamping challenges,” said Todd English, Roush Yates Engines vice president business development. “They understand how critical it is to have machined parts made within precise tolerances. Their ability to produce and fixture quick prototypes as well as higher production runs is essential to our success.”

Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions, a division of Roush Yates Engines in Mooresville, North Carolina relies heavily on Mitee-Bites’ quality clamping devices. Over 50 CNC machines utilize Mitee-Bite products to assist in machining hundreds of engine components for the Ford FR9 EFI V8 NASCAR engine, the twin-turbo Ford EcoBoost V6 race engine and the Roush Yates RY45 engine.

“One key attribute of the Mitee-Bite product line, is their very easy to design a process around. Their simple yet effective design holds securely and is repeatable every time,” said Rodney Tucker, senior manufacturing engineer for Roush Yates Engines. “Mitee-Bite is the first place I look when I’m trying to decide how to hold a part or raw stock. I love the Pitbull clamps, I use them in a lot of machining and inspection processes because they just work.”