Roush Yates Committed to RY45 Engine Platform

Jan 22, 2016

Roush Yates Engines recently issued a news release to ensure the engine builder and racing community that it’s committed to supporting the RY45 engine platform.

The RY45 is an aluminum version of the Ford FR9 NASCAR engine and was released in 2014. It has the same performance advantages of the Ford FR9 and can be used in multiple racing series, including: dirt late model, off-road truck, drag racing, marine and street performance.

Roush Yates will continue to promote and sell RY45 products through distribution to engine builders and racers in 2016 and beyond.

“The RY45 is a classic example of Roush Yates Engines technology being shared across all forms of motorsports,” said Doug Yates, president and CEO of Roush Yates.

Many of the leading engine parts vendors now supply components that integrate into the RY45 platform, including Cometic, Del West, Mahle, Jesel, T&D, Carillo, Dyers, Callies, Bryant, Comp Cams, and Scott Wires.

Roush Yates Engines, according to the company, sold over 50 units of RY45 engines/engine kits during the first year of availability. Please stay tuned for more developments on the RY45 engine platform.