Rotary Lift Unwraps Quick How-To Videos

Feb 18, 2016

Rotary has embarked on creating a how-to video library. The company calls the new video series, now available for online viewing, “90 Second Know Hows.”

“We took some FAQ’s from our website, along with some commonly asked questions fielded by our customer service team and made a series of short videos that provide answers,” the company stated in a prepared release. 

The videos can be accessed on our website at They include info on performing basic maintenance, trouble-shooting some common problems and tips for more effective usage of Rotary products. Each is narrated by a member of the Madison, Indiana-based customer service team.

The initial launch of the segment includes six topics:

Two Post Lift Cable Adjustment

Four Post Lift Cable Adjustment

Y Lift Calibration

Spotline Alignment and Syncing

Greasing SmartLift Plungers (see above)

MACH Lift Error Codes   

Rotary will continue to grow its how to video library with new videos added monthly. The topics will address both light and heavy duty lifts, as well as parts and accessories. Some upcoming video topics include: troubleshooting parallelogram lifts, battery selection for Mach Series mobile columns and adapter selection for inground lifts.