Rockford Names Canadian Distributors for Brax and Helix Lines

Aug 6, 2014

“As our Brax and Helix lines continue to expand and gain popularity in North America, we needed a partner in the very important Canadian market that could continue these brands’ growth,” said Joe Gonzalez, international sales manager for Rockford. “Trends has a great track record of taking their lines to the next level throughout Canada due to their terrific relationships, customer service, and product knowledge.”

Promotion, education and support are the cornerstones of Trends’ dedication to providing its dealers with a solid return on their investment, taking time to review and understand its customers’ needs based on their individual requirements, according to Rockford.

“Brax and Helix offer a strong selection of OEM Interface products, all the way to a very high end offering for the most demanding customers,” said Grant McFatter, Trends’ national sales manager of the mobile division. “These respected brands will offer our dealers a variety of products for working with today’s complex OEM systems, and some serious products for the pure audio enthusiast. Parent company Audiotec Fisher has many products which are heavily DSP based, which is exciting as these as types of products are very much in our wheelhouse and comfort zone. We are excited to work with Rockford and begin offering these brands to our dealers.”