Rockford Fosgate Launches Class D Compact Amplifier

Punch Series full range Class D amplifier by Rockford FosgateRockford Fosgate has announced its new compact Punch Series full range Class D amplifier. Perfect for small cars and trucks where space is at a premium, the highly efficient 400 Watt PBR400X4D is scheduled to ship mid-October.

“The PBR400X4D delivers more power per channel in the same PBR chassis, and we’ve made it even easier to set up,” said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s vice president of product development and engineering. “Building on the innovative design of the PBR Series, the Rockford team continues to push the realm of what is possible in a compact amplifier category. Un-compromised performance, purposeful design, and more power set the stage for the creation of the PBR400X4D amp-¦the most efficient amp in the PBR Series.”

The 2-Ohm stereo/4-Ohm bridgeable PBR400X4D utilizes Rockford’s CLEAN technology. The clip indicators allows installers to easily match the amplifier to the source unit and set output gain, which provides immense power with zero distortion, according to Rockford.

Endless options are available with a pair of dual selectable high pass crossovers. The output channels can easily be configured to work with a variety of full range speaker sizes.

“With inputs accepting both speaker line and RCA signals, adding amplified power to factory or aftermarket systems is now seamless with the PBR400X4D,” Braaten continued. “Integration is made even easier with auto sensing turn on and no remote lead wire required. And our time saving quick connect wire harness system eliminates screw terminal connections, therefore making it faster and easier to install.”

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