RK Sport Celebrates 20 Years with Continued Innovation

Aug 20, 2013

Murrieta, Calif.-based RK Sport cut its teeth as a manufacturer and retailer of specialty car parts, and now the 20 year company hopes its past success translates when it expands further into the truck and offroad vehicle market. The company’s newly found commitment to the truck market follows the release of new-generation trucks from automakers such as Ford and Chevrolet, according to Tom Baker, director of marketing at RK Sport.

RK Sport made its initial entry into the offroad market last year when it introduced its Wrangler Ram Air Hood at the SEMA Show.

“That just exploded for us, so we have some new Jeep products in development and some new trucks we’re adding to our repertoire,” Baker said.

RK Sport will introduce additional new truck and offroad products when it sponsors six project vehicles at this year’s SEMA Show. One of the show vehicles, a Chevy Silverado, will have several new products installed, such as the Ram Air Hood with carbon fiber blister (center scoop), and other carbon fiber accessories, including a visor and roof spoiler, grille, engine dressing kit and door sills.

Sales at RK Sport this year are up 25 percent, helping make 2013 a “turning point year” for the company, Baker said. The company’s commitment to selling only original products is one reason the business is thriving. RK Sport formerly sold items from other manufacturers until it started phasing that poriton of its business out in 2010.

“It’s been a journey, but we’ve figured out what we’re good at, and we’re focusing on that,” he said. “We realized that what we’re good at is designing and manufacturing. That focus has really opened some doors for us.”

RK Sport recently debuted a new website at www.rksport.com. The simplified layout clearly showcases the company’s products to help web customers gain confidence in RK Sport’s offerings, according ot Baker. The website redesign places the most important navigation buttons at the top home page in order minimize the need for users to scroll.