Rigid Industries Collaborates with Offroad Racing Radio Host

Feb 13, 2014

Gilbert, Ariz.-based Rigid Industries LED Lighting has partnered with Jimmy Beaver, a trophy truck driver and host of Jimmy’s Down & Dirty Radio Show.

The collaboration between Rigid Industries and Jimmy Beaver will provide hours of content for the Down & Dirty Radio Show, which discusses a wide spectrum of motorsports topics, including short course and offroad racing, gobal rallycross, rock racing, drifting and many other action sports events, according to Rigid Industries. The alliance also will provide a platform on Beaver’s radio show for members of Rigid Industries Torture Team, racers that support Rigid’s lighting products.

“We are out to get exclusive stories from the people who are pushing the limits,” said Jimmy Beaver, “Vaughn Gittin Jr., BJ Baldwin, Brian Deegan and Jesse James are just some of the Rigid Industries Torture Team members who are pushing things to the next level. Rigid Industries gets it. They are out there advancing motorsports and continuously improving their products to outperform their competition. I am excited to be able to promote their products with my Trophy Truck program and showcase their racers on the Down & Dirty show.”

Tune into the Down & Dirty Show at 11:30 a.m. EST on Mondays at www.downanddirtyshow.com or download the new Down & Dirty Off-Road Show app.