RIDES: Limited Edition Shelby Terlingua Mustang Returns

Jan 26, 2016

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Shelby American Inc introduced the 750-plus horsepower supercharged V8  Terlingua Racing Team Shelby at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale Auction today (Jan. 26).

“We poured our most advanced racing and development efforts for the Ford Mustang platform into our Terlingua Racing Team edition Shelby cars,” said Joe Conway, co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “Working closely with key partners, like Ford Performance, these exclusive cars represent the pinnacle of track-inspired performance that we’ve built for the current generation of Mustangs.”

Ever since Shelby American introduced the limited edition V6 Terlingua Mustang in 2006, fans of the Terlingua Racing Team brand and eponymous jackrabbit logo have wondered when a V8 version would be available. In cooperation with Bill Neale, one of the Terlingua founders and Terlingua Racing Team crest designer, that wait is over. Shelby American will build a total 75 (50 for the U.S. and 25 international) of 750-plus horsepower Shelby Terlingua Racing Team Mustangs.

Shelby customers can choose to build their Terlingua on either the manual or automatic transmission 2015-16 model year 5.0L V8 Mustang GT.

“We chose to develop the Shelby Terlingua using the bullet-proof 5.0L V8 engine in the Mustang GT based on the thousands of hours we spent in product testing and development on the track,” said Akos Feher, vice president of operations for Shelby American. “The new Mustang GT is an incredible platform that gives Shelby an opportunity to offer serious enthusiasts even more performance wrapped in the iconic Shelby Terlingua Racing Team banner.”

Specifications for the Shelby Terlingua (listed below) build upon the exciting new Shelby Super Snake. On top of the 750-plus horsepower supercharged engine, the Terlingua Shelbys will be built with racetrack-proven Ford Performance half-shafts, short-throw shifters and Borla exhausts, as well as exclusive Shelby by Eibach adjustable coil overs and sway bar, Brembo brakes and updated, more aggressive carbon fiber exterior parts.

In honor of the Terlingua Racing Team legacy, all cars will carry an autograph plaque of Bill Neale, Carroll Shelby and Jerry Titus, the 1967 Trans Am Champion winning driver.

“The Terlingua Racing Team was founded in the 1960’s by a rough and ready group who was as passionate about playing as we were about racing,” said Bill Neale. “From our wild weekends on the Rio Grande in South Texas to racetracks across the world, the Terlingua Racing Team took no prisoners. The team crest and racing livery that I designed came to symbolize that raucous, irreverent lifestyle that thumbed its nose at the establishment.”

One of the key aspects of the new Terlingua Shelby is its flexibility. Those who want to make it a track day race car can add a host of upgrades, including a Barton short-throw shifter, Sparco race seats, four-point harness and a roll cage.



  • Carbon Fiber Shelby GT Hood with Terlingua vents
  • Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
  • Carbon Fiber Shelby GT Rocker Panels
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Terlingua Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Taillight Panel
  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
  • Carbon Fiber Brake Cooling Intakes
  • Terlingua Anodized Front Grille and Lower Front Grille
  • Terlingua Racing Team External Badging


  • Ford Performance short-throw shifter
  • Carbon Fiber 3 Gauge Dash Pod for Oil, Fuel and Boost
  • CSM Badging on the dash and engine
  • Autograph plaque of Bill Neale, Carroll Shelby and Jerry Titus
  • Terlingua Racing Team Branded Headrest Covers
  • Terlingua Racing Team Floor mats
  • Shelby Terlingua Racing Team Sill Plates


  • Yellow Whipple 750+hp supercharger
  • Ford Performance Half Shafts
  • Ford Performance 3.73 Gears
  • Coolant Reservoir and HD Radiator
  • Shelby by Eibach adjustable suspension
  • Black 20″ WELD Racing Wheels with high performance tires
  • Camber/Caster Plates
  • Brake Cooling Kit
  • Yellow Brembo 6-piston front (4-piston rear) Brakes
  • Ford Performance by Borla Exhaust with black tips


  • Penske shocks
  • Barton short-throw shifter
  • Sparco race seats
  • Yellow 5-point harness
  • 4-point roll bar
  • Terlingua Katzkin Upholstery Upgrade
  • Shelby Engine Valve Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Latch Cover