RIDES: Bugatti Debuts Fastest Car in the World

Feb 29, 2016

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The Bugatti Chiron just made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is ridiculously fast, capable of 1,500 horsepower, and unimaginably pricy at more than $2 million.

The newest Chiron made significant performance gains compared to its predecessor.

Almost every single part of the engine was looked at and newly developed. This feat of engineering resulted in the W16 engine of the Bugatti Chiron being able to develop an unbelievable 1,500 bps from its 8 liters of displacement, according to Bugatti.

The engine reaches its maximum torque of 1,600 Nm thanks to the turbocharger. The four turbochargers are now double-powered and generate maximum torque at 2,000 rpm-the torque is maintained at this level all the way up to 6,000 rpm.