RIDES: The 2016 Callaway Camaro

Feb 22, 2016

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Callaway Cars executives unveiled the new 610-horsepower 2016 Callaway Camaro on Thursday (Feb. 18).

“With Camaro’s new ‘Alpha’ architecture, our engineers were able to incorporate the GenThree Supercharger that we originally developed for the Callaway Corvette SC757,” said Mike Zoner, managing director of Callaway Cars. “We designed the Corvette system from a clean sheet of paper, applying features to increase airflow quality and reduce charge air temperature. Once we were able to adapt GenThree for the new Camaro, we produced dramatically more power – without jeopardizing reliability.”

The patented GenThree supercharger system is the heart of the Callaway Camaro SC610 package. Its 2300cc Eaton TVS rotor pack is configured to force air upward into the supercharger housing. Power-robbing heat, inherently produced by supercharging, is removed from the charge air via convective cooling, as it flows through the supercharger housing.

This effect is amplified by extending the housing through the hood, exposing it to ambient temperature. Conductive heat transfer is also utilized as the TripleCooled intercooler system includes one main and two additional intercooler elements, conducting heat from the charge air. The result, according to Callaway, is consistent power.

The Callaway Camaro SC610 package also includes a Callaway air inlet system to further improve performance. To distinguish the Callaway Camaro SC610, Callaway carbon fiber engine mid covers, an under hood build plaque with VIN, interior and exterior badging, door sill panels, and embroidered floor mats are included as standard equipment, according to the company.

The Callaway Camaro SC610 is available with automatic or manual transmission, as a coupe or convertible, through a network of Callaway authorized dealers.