Restoration Parts Company Acquires Corvette America

Oct 8, 2015

Restoration Parts Unlimited (RPUI) has acquired Corvette America. RPUI’s group of companies include Trim Parts, Parts Unlimited (PUI), SoffSeal, The Right Stuff Detailing, Mr. Mustang, and First Place Auto Products.

“The Corvette Market is already an important part of our product range, so this was a natural extension of what we are already doing,” said Mitch Williams, president and CEO of RPUI.  “The Corvette is perhaps the most important and iconic American car in history-it is as much a part of American culture as apple pie and baseball. As a group of restoration manufacturers, we felt that the Corvette needed more representation in our group. Corvette America also has manufacturing capabilities that no other company in our group has, so this will allow us to expand our other product lines and offer more high quality products to our customers.”

Corvette America will continue to be led by Dave Hall and the rest of the current management team, according to Williams.