REPORT: Cops Keep Finding Weed Stashed in Brand-New Ford Fusions

In yet another investigation of a fleet from a Ford plant in Mexico, authorities found $1 million worth of weed hidden in new Fusions at a dealership in Ohio. Investigators are struggling to figure out why drugs keep ending up inside brand-new Ford Fusions after police in Ohio discovered $1 million worth of weed hidden in the cars’ trunks, CNN reports.

The DEA’s Silverio Balzano told CNN the 15 pot-laden Fusions were made at a plant in Mexico before Ford packed them onto a train and shipped them to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Once they arrived at a dealership in Youngstown, employees discovered 32 pounds of marijuana in the cars’ trunks, stuffed into the spare tires’ wheel wells.

A Ford spokesman told CNN there’s no way the weed made it into the Fusions at its Mexico plant or its internal shipping yards-prompting investigators to wonder who the hell packed it in, when they did it, and why they didn’t take it out before the cars made it to a dealership.

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