Reese Celebrates 65 Years of Pioneering Performance

This year marks a huge milestone for Reese, as the brand celebrates 65 years as an industry leader in heavy-duty towing. Reese-a Horizon Global Corp. brand-traces its roots back to the 1940s when a woman named Margaret Reese challenged her husband, TJ, to create something to stop travel trailers from rocking when people walked through them. A few years later, TJ Reese invented the first pair of stabilizing jacks.

“TJ Reese’s invention revolutionized the RV industry and gave our company a great base from which to build,” said Francis Bernart, divisional VP of engineering, marketing, and product management at Horizon Global.

Since the company’s inception in 1952, the Reese brand has created a myriad of products, including a complete line of fifth wheel hitches that range from 15K up to a 30K design. The brand is also known for its Fifth Airborne, Sidewinder, and Airborne Sidewinder Combo, which provide a buffer between the tow vehicle and trailer, reducing the negative impact of vertical shock and longitudinal chucking, according to Horizon Global. It also touts a complete line of weight distribution systems.

“Safety and performance are at the top of our list when creating new, innovative products,” said Tom Stalder, senior product manager for Reese RV and industrial divisions. “But our team doesn’t stop there, durability is also front and center in our product designs. These qualities are important to our customers and things they can count on when they buy Reese.”

Reese also offers the Goose Box gooseneck coupler, a design that allows customers with a gooseneck hitch to use the same setup to pull a fifth wheel trailer without installing any additional equipment. It also keeps your truck bed open and ready to use, according to the company.

The Reese brand is proud of its legacy, but the focus on innovation never stops; our company’s designers and engineers are always hard at work creating products that customers will want and need for years to come.

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