Record-Setting Former Rust-Bucket ’39 Ford Truck Competing for SEMA Prize

Oct 28, 2015

*See images of The Uncatchable below

The Garage Shop owner Aaron Brown and his street-legal 1939 Ford land speed truck will participate in the SEMA Battle of the Builders.

The “world’s fastest rat rod,” named The Uncatchable, will make its first national show appearance at the Nov. 3-6 SEMA Show after setting five land speed records over the summer at the Ohio Mile.

“It is a dream come true to be accepted into SEMA Battle of the Builders,” Brown said. “I’m humbled to have been given a chance to bring The Uncatchable to SEMA this year and showcase our truck. I think it’s a big talking piece and shows what you can build when you put your mind to it.”

THE SHOP covered The Uncatchable build in August.

The idea for the rat rod came when Brown was walking through the Charlotte Auto Fair and purchased a stack of old hot rod magazines. Utilizing his NASCAR fabrication skills and original hot rod concepts, Brown built The Uncatchable in his own garage over the next 10 months. Using 75-percent used NASCAR parts, Brown pieced the truck together one part at a time while also keeping a traditional appearance and feel during the build.

“I wanted to honor the pioneers of speed who built these hot rods in their garages using whatever parts they could find,” said Brown “They spent every dime they had and built these machines on their dirt floor garages. We wanted to keep that tradition alive so we went with the ’39 Ford truck.”

The Uncatchable made its racing debut in May at the Ohio Mile and returned again in June to capture a total of five land speed records in the following classes: Class A – Unblown Gas Super Street (192.637), Class B – Unblown Gas Super Street (186.567), Class A – Gas Real Street (196.163), Class B – Gas Real Street (197.195) and Class C – Gas Real Street (197.281).