Rare Parts Partnership Helps Wounded Vets Drive Dream Cars

Aug 5, 2015

Rare Parts, a Stockton, California-based company that stocks and custom-builds steering and suspension parts, has partnered with FantomWorks to help meet the vehicle needs of combat-wounded soldiers through its charitable Wounded Wheels program.

FantomWorks, based in Norfolk, Virginia, restores classic cars and sells new and used car parts to collectors and restorers. The company is featured on a weekly TV show highlighting some of its classic car builds and restorations, and can be seen on the Velocity Channel on cable. It is currently the highest rated program on that cable channel, according to Rare Parts.

Dan Short, the president of FantomWorks is also the founder of Wounded Wheels, a charitable organization dedicated to developing classic American muscle cars modified for veterans who have lost their limbs in the service of our country. It will provide an exciting alternative to the modified minivans, which are the typically available paraplegic-capable vehicles.

A new aspect of Wounded Wheels is to restore antique cars and make them available to veterans who were wounded but still have use of their arms and legs, according to Rare Parts. In both instances, the value of parts that are donated by Rare Parts is credited to the Wounded Wheels charity.

“We’re extremely proud to have partnered with FantomWorks,” said Danny Burgess, president of Rare Parts. “It’s a great organization that is committed to helping our disabled veterans through their Wounded Wheels program, and we’re all every excited to be a part of that.”

The most recent car featured on FantomWorks Velocity TV show was a 1960 Lincoln Continental. Rare Parts donated some hard-to-find parts for this vehicle, as well as for a 1963 Thunderbird and a 1967 Coronet, according to the company.