Racing Waivers Modernized by New Mobile App

The United States Motorsports Association (USMA) partnered with FUSON OF IDEAS to launch a mobile application called waiverTRACK. The app program was specifically developed to manage race track and racing-related liability waivers. USMA spent the past year researching the unique needs of motorsports events and liability waivers prior to development of the app, according to the association.

USMA stated that the waiverTRACK app solves several issues. Paper waivers are difficult to manage over time and have risks of being lost or damaged. It can also be difficult to tie a person to a waiver if they claim they never signed it, according to the association.

Track’s current paper waivers are uploaded to WaiverTRACK and they use their own mobile devices to begin capturing an unlimited amount of signatures along with a photo. All data is stored in a highly secure database that can be retrieved anytime, even decades later, according to USMA. WaiverTRACK also collects emails turning the pit gate into a highly powerful database that can be used for greater communication and marketing growth.

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