QA1’s One Big Request: #goDRIVEit!

QA1 has introduced a new social media marketing campaign to inspire car enthusiasts and customers of its brand. The key hashtag for the campaign is #goDRIVEit!

“We want to inspire you and other enthusiasts to get out and enjoy your vehicles-because they were meant to be driven, not hidden,” QA1 stated in a news release. “Whether it’s fresh out of paint or a contender for best patina, we celebrate the miles logged, the rock chips, and other badges of the road that show these vehicles represent more than just bragging rights. It doesn’t matter if it’s pristine, or far from, just #goDRIVEit.”

“To encourage more people to get out and drive their vehicles, we’re using this call-to-action hashtag. Clicking the #goDRIVEit hashtag in any of our posts or searching it on social media is an easy way to see all of the vehicle photos, videos, and stories from other people who enjoy driving their vehicles.”

The company also produced a call to action video about the campaign, seen above.

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