Q&A: Key Facts About the 2D Laser Engraver System

Oct 6, 2015

Due to popular demand, THE SHOP magazine sought to learn more about the 2D laser system developed by AP Lazer. The 2D laser system was originally featured in THE SHOP’s daily newsletter on Sept. 28.

The 2D laser system by AP Lazer—originally utilized to customize large items, like caskets and granite monuments—was recently redesigned to fulfill needs seen in the custom automotive aftermarket.

The 2D laser system can mark metals like stainless steel, brass, titanium and bare metals when those surfaces are coated with a metal laser marking material (LMM) solution. It can also engrave wood, granite, acrylic, glass, coated and painted metals, ceramic, cloth, leather, rubber, wood veneer, fiberglass, plastic and anodized aluminum; and be used to cut wood, wood veneer, acrylic, leather, rubber, fiberglass and plastic.

See the image gallery below for examples of automotive accessories customized with the 2D laser system, including valve colvers, a truck tailgate, caliper, side panel, and floor mat.

To share more about the 2D laser system, Kyle Hinkson of AP Lazer offered to answer our questions:

THE SHOP (TS):What would a shop need to operate one of these machines?

Kyle Hinkson (KH):The AP Lazer comes complete with laser machine, home base, accessories (slant jack, rotary attachment, blower, lift cart, utility carriage), laptop, software (CorelDraw, PhotograV, LaserCut), on-site training, warranty ( one-year lens and mirrors, two-years laser tube, three-years all additional parts), and 24/7 technical support from our Lansing, MI headquarters.

TS: What type of training is necessary?

KH: Included in the purchase is on-site training. We send a technician to the customer’s location for a day to train the customer on their new AP Lazer. Additional days of on-site training are available for purchase. We also offer, for purchase, advanced software training from our graphic designer via webinar.

TS: How does someone set up the machine to perform automotive-related engraving?

KH: This is a tough question to answer without being too vague. The easiest way to answer this question might be to have the potential customer contact AP Lazer for their free, no obligation, online demo. The demo will cover how to use laser machines for standard small, lightweight items, as well as with patented open architecture design for large or heavy items.

The demonstration will include tips on how to utilize the E-Z leveling system for uneven surface and focus the machine to the material or the material to the machine. Use of helpful accessories (rotary attachment, slant jack), computer, software (CorelDraw, PhotoGrav, and LaserCut) will also be demonstrated.

Anyone interested in learning about how to increase their capacity for using laser technologies should request a demo to view how different applications (cutting/engraving) for the laser machine can work across different industries.

TS: How would a shop purchase one of these machines?

KH: After contacting AP Lazer and determining a proper laser machine for their needs, they can purchase the laser machine by certified check, credit card, or they can do one of the many lease-to-own programs that are available.

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