‘Pursuit of Speed’ Brings VP Racing Fuels and Hypercar Together

VP Racing Fuels and HyperCar have started an official partnership in the pursuit of developing vehicles that achieve that highest level of performance.

“With the amount of horsepower HyperCar is developing with their project cars, we are working closely with their team to test different blends of fuel to achieve optimum horsepower output,” said Bruce Hendel, of VP Racing Fuels. “We are excited to help fuel them to push the boundaries of speed and take their cars to the next echelon of speed and control.”

“What better fuel partner to team up with than the world leader in racing fuel technology to get the most out of your McLaren? Stay tuned as we collaborate to develop unique formulas that guarantee the fastest quarter-mile and lap times for your HyperCar performance system,” said Thad Norman of HyperCar Development.

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