Production Run Planned for Iconic Checker Motor Cars

Sep 30, 2015

*See expandable photo gallery below

Checker Motor Cars plans to produce two second-generation Checker vehicles. Both designs will offer new technology with a 1980’s retro appearance. Checker vehicles will be fully manufactured in the U.S. with anticipated production scheduled to begin in the fall of 2018.

The Sport Pick-up Crossover model will combine the usefulness of a pick-up with the design of a full-size vehicle, reminiscent of El Camino or Ranchero models.

The Aerobus A888 model will offer features of the iconic Checker sedan, as well as from a sport pick-up body and the early generation Aerobus V1 (a six-door, 12-passenger sedan). The A888 will offer four full rows of seating through four standard length doors and two extended rearward doors. The 3rd row seat will fold to allow for additional leg room when not in use.


The Checker Motor Cars plans to offer the features listed below with new models, as well as retrofit kits to compliment Checker vehicles currently on the road.

  • Vehicle will accept a V8 flex-fuel engine
  • Fuel injected or diesel option
  • Full steel frame
  • Standard rear-wheel drive
  • Electronic instrument panel
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Tilt adjustable steering column
  • Composite body panels
  • Four wheel disc brakes
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Heavy-duty climate control
  • Four wheel coil springs
  • Composite fuel tank
  • LED lights all around
  • Right-hand drive option
  • All-wheel drive option
  • Service lantern
  • First aid kit
  • Built-in 120 volt AC inverter
  • On-board jump power pack with air compressor
  • Seat belt cutter combination rescue tool