Pro Car Associates Adds a Dyno

Jun 2, 2011

Pro Car Associates has added a new tool to its toolbox.

Chris Wright, vice president of the Akron, Ohio-based high-performance engine development shop and vehicle service center, announced that the company has purchased a Dyno Dynamics 450DS digitally controlled chassis dynamometer to serve its growing customer base.

The unit will be installed at the Triplett Boulevard shop in Akron in mid-June, according to a press release.

“A chassis dyno allows our customers to evaluate their vehicle’s performance at the road wheel, not merely at the flywheel, which is what is recorded with an engine dynamometer,” Wright said. “The Dyno Dynamics 450DS allows a complete evaluation of vehicle performance in the sense (that) the parameters are being read where the tire and the road meet. It is a more realistic, real-world reflection of the vehicle’s overall power transmission system.

“While a chassis dyno is attractive to our high-performance-minded customer, it is also very useful for all vehicles,” he continued. “While we can measure power and torque at the drive wheels, we can also troubleshoot a wide range of engine and drivetrain issues-issues that static tests in a traditional service setting are unable to accomplish.”

The new dyno is designed for two-wheel drive vehicles weighing up to 9,900 pounds, either front- or rear-wheel drive designs, including race cars, according to the release. It can handle 2,400 hp at the wheel and 9,000 foot-pounds of axle torque.

“We considered several designs of chassis dynos and talked with a number of businesses similar to ours during the evaluation period. My father (Chuck, Pro Car Associates president) and I came to the conclusion the Dyno Dynamics 450DS best matched our needs and customer expectations as both a cutting-edge race engine development business and a service center for all street and racing vehicles.”

An open house is planned for July 16 to introduce customers to the new dyno.