President Obama honors Vietnam vet heroism via effort of TAG owner Poindexter

Vietnam veteran John Poindexter ended a long campaign to earn recognition for the heroism demonstrated by his fellow soldiers more than 40 years ago as his company, Troop A, 1st Squadron of the 11th Armored Combat Regiment, was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation by President Barack Obama in a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden in mid October. Poindexter was joined by dozens of veterans of his Troop for the ceremony, along with several of the men saved that day.

Poindexter is owner of J. B Poindexter LLC, parent of Truck Accessories Group, the company behind Leer, Century, Raider and Pace Edwards truck accessory products.

TAG Poindexter- Vietnam award

Citing official records of the battle, President Obama noted the extraordinary bravery exhibited by the unit describing the daring rescue of fellow soldiers as Troop A fought to defend its position and evacuate the wounded while under attack. The Presidential Unit Citation is the highest unit award in the military, and the equivalent of the Distinguished Service Cross for every man in the unit.

On March 26, 1970, Alpha Troop heard that another unit of about 100 men had stumbled onto a massive underground enemy bunker of North Vietnamese forces. They were "outnumbered and outgunned" by about 400 enemy fighters, so the nearly 200 men of Alpha Troop set out to smash a path through the jungle, risking ambush and land mines, to rescue their colleagues, Obama said.

"These soldiers define the meaning of bravery and heroism," the president said.

Their action came to be known as "The Anonymous Battle," and went largely unnoticed and unrewarded until years of work by the leader of the unit, ex-Army Capt. John Poindexter, captured the attention of military leaders and the Commander in Chief.

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