PPG Updates Brand, Launches Global Campaign

Mar 21, 2016

PPG has updated its corporate brand and started a new marketing campaign. The initiative introduces the new tagline, “We protect and beautify the world.”

“The new campaign is people-centric and diverse, and it invites the viewer into a conversation with us,” said Bryan Iams, vice president, corporate and government affairs. “The creative content celebrates our technology breakthroughs, explaining them in a consumer-friendly way, and highlighting the positive impact we have on people, communities and customers.”

PPG launched the marketing campaign this month in the U.S., through a combination of paid advertising and social-media activity, after unveiling it to employees. Advertisements appear in U.S. business, general interest and trade media outlets. Ads for other world markets, including Europe, Asia and Latin America, will begin to appear in April.

There is also an updated PPG logo that will be easier to use across the company’s international business footprint, according to PPG. The new logo will be more visible and will begin appearing more prominently on packaging for PPG products.

“Over the last decade, PPG has significantly changed its portfolio of products and services and grown its global footprint, and our brand is continuously evolving to reflect who we are today and where we are headed for the future,” Iams said. “We will be making the PPG brand much more visible, helping to strengthen our brand and our engagement with customers.”

The updated PPG brand identity, according to the company, includes “a design system using clean lines, vibrant colors and more emotive and human imagery, and a more personal and conversational tone.”