Power Test Acquires SuperFlow

Power Test Inc. completed a transaction on Sept. 20 to acquire SuperFlow Technologies/Hicklin Engineering.

Power Test CEO Alan Petelinsek will be working closely with Scott Giles, the former owner and now general manager of SuperFlow who is located in in Des Moines, Iowa, as well as with Division Manager Dave Arsenault in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to integrate best practices between the companies, share resources, and build upon the engineering and manufacturing synergies between both companies. The combined dynamometer experience of these three men alone exceeds 120 years, and a multitude of economic cycles, accoridng to Power Test.

“Now with our combined strength, we can ensure continued job creation and exciting advancement opportunities for our people,” said Pat Koppa, Power Test president. “Our great employees are vital to fuel our growth and support our ever-increasing worldwide customer base.”

Power Test will take its business-as well as its mission statement of We make it better, better for our customers, our employees and the community-”national as it expands operations to three locations, totaling more than 100 employees and 130,000 square feet.

Power Test, based in Sussex, Wisconsin, was founded in 1976 and specializes in heavy duty engine and chassis dynamometers designed principally for the diesel-powered equipment industry. Power Test’s Engineered Solutions Division builds upon the company’s engineering, manufacturing and control expertise to provide custom test stands for the hydraulic component and power train industries.

In 2002, Power Test acquired Stuska Dynamometer, a 55 year old dynamometer company that specializes in the performance racing world. In 2006, Power Test also acquired Aidco transmission testing equipment and hydraulic tests stands, and has since expanded the business significantly. Aidco was founded in the early 1960’s as Go-Corp.

The current addition of SuperFlow Technologies adds several distinct product groups to the portfolio, including:

  • Hicklin Inc., a 45-year-old heavy-duty transmission test stand innovator
  • SuperFlow Dynamometers, a 45-year-old industry leader in flow benches and engine and chassis dynamometers that include the DTS product line founded by Dave Arsenault
  • Axiline Precision Products, a 60-year-old automotive transmission test stand leader
  • TCRS-Torque Converter Rebuild Systems, a 30-year-old business specializing in automotive torque converter rebuilding and testing

The combined product groups of Power Test now span the spectrum from single cylinder gas engine- powered vehicles and equipment through diesel- and gaseous-fueled equipment, vehicles, and vessels producing up to 10,000 horsepower. The combined competencies include water brake, eddy current, hydrostatic and AC resistive and regenerative systems. Each of these business units have vast experience in supplying and supporting their products to a global market, according to Power Test.

“This is an exciting time for the industry as we boomers figure out how to transition our businesses and families through the next generations, and continue to provide these vital products to the market. We have been very blessed with dedicated and enthusiastic employees to make this transition possible,” said Alan Petelinsek, who succeeded his father and Power Test’s founder John Petelinsek as president in 1999. He appointed Power Test’s current president, Pat Koppa, in 2013.

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