Power Automedia Selects SuperFlow

Jul 7, 2012

As the Power Automedia Group continues its mission to entertain, educate and inform high-octane enthusiasts through online media, the company recently secured a partnership with SuperFlow Technologies Group for SuperFlow to become the official flowbench for the Power Automedia Garage.

As part of the relationship, SuperFlow will equip the Power Automedia Garage with a SuperFlow SF-750 digital flowbench, according to a press release.

SuperFlow provides dynamometers and flowbench systems. The flowbenches aid engine builders in producing faster and more efficient racing vehicles by measuring airflow, tumble, swirl and velocity with precision and reliability.

“This partnership will be one that elevates the already high quality standard that we place on technical editorial,” said Power Automedia’s Jason Snyder. “Our goal is to utilize the SuperFlow SF-750 as an educational tool that will enhance the measurement and testing of the industry’s best products that our readers rely on for their performance builds. As we prepare to launch a new engine tech publication, ‘EngineLabs.com,’ we’re certain the SuperFlow SF-750 will become a great tool in the Power Automedia Garage, and we’re proud to work with the SuperFlow team.”

The Power Automedia Garage will utilize the SuperFlow SF-750 to enhance its technical content through airflow measurement and validation of products, the release noted.

“We’re excited to be partners with the Power Automedia team. They do a great job providing unbiased, informative editorial content for enthusiasts all over the country,” said Mike Giles, SuperFlow’s marketing manager. “We know the SF-750 Flowbench will provide them with the necessary data to evaluate cylinder heads and intake manifolds and provide accurate, repeatable readings for their online magazines.”