Panasonic Connected Car Technology at 2014 ITS World Congress

Sep 19, 2014

In keeping with the 2014 World Congress theme of “Reinventing Transportation in Our Connected World,” the company’s exhibit space spotlighted Technology for the Connected Car and Big Data Solutions.

“For Panasonic it’s all about the consumer experience and making sure that we find ways to enhance that experience, either through audio enhancements or through safety enhancements inside the vehicle,” said Tom Gebhardt, president of Panasonic Automotive.

Technology for the Connected Carsolutions exhibited:

· Surround View Camera with Sensing Features
· Pelican Imaging- an ultra-thin, camera array and imaging
· Side View Camera
· Intelligent Mirrors show unobstructed view
· 79GHZ Radar for Infrastructure- Millimeter-wave radar sensor with potential application for both side-of-vehicle and infrastructure sensing
· V2X Communications, allowing for vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-person, and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
· Steering Grip Sensing Technology

Big Data solutions exhibited:

· Logistics Probe Solutions using Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), On-board Unit (OBU), and GPS
· AUPEO! Personal Radio audio companion service to offer a personalized blend of entertainment and information