Oracle Lighting Provides Free Technician Training

Aug 13, 2014

“If we can share our knowledge and they can do a better job and have an easier time installing the product, their salespeople are going to be more active in trying to sell the product,” Hartenstein said. “We want to try to help their technicians be as comfortable as possible.”

Oracle Lighting developed and refined its product training program about 18 months ago. The company previously offered training but only to the shops that sought it.

Oracle offers training time with companies individually to ensure the learning environment is most often one-on-one—no packed classrooms.

“For smaller companies it’s usually one technician, larger companies might have two technicians come in and a sales person come in for sales training at the same time. On average we probably do one session every month,” Hartenstein said.

Oracle has a number of installation videos online, but notes that many stores prefer the in-person training. The company personalizes the training to focus on the needs of each incoming shop, which is most commonly headlight installation.

“Putting the headlight in the oven, taking it apart and then resealing it back together—that really is what most people want to come down and see first hand,” Hartenstein said. “It’s a simple process once you see it in person, but it makes a lot of people nervous.

“Also, Oracle has its own line of sealants and silicones that are specifically designed for headlight seals. Some cars you can reuse sealant, others you have to replace it. Another part of training is showing how to identify the different types of seals that come on lights and the appropriate means of removing that seal or reusing that seal depending on what the vehicle is.”

Free resources for light installation from Oracle can be found at