Online Directory Connects Shoppers and Local Installers

Dec 3, 2013

Burnsville, Minn.-based Driven Performance Marketing recently launched an installer directory that connects consumers while they are shopping on online automotive aftermarket resellers with local automotive accessory installers and restylers.

The website,, will be featured on online retail stores and connect consumers with local businesses that can install the automotive accessories they purchase online. More than 460 automotive accessory dealers, installers and jobbers are listed on the website, according to Zach Converse, CEO and co-owner of Driven Performance Marketing.

The directory, now in its “test drive” stage, currently gives installers the opportunity to register their businesses on the website. Converse, the website’s developer, measures clicks on the site to determine how many leads registered restylers are receiving.

“We need restylers to go on the website, claim their listings and specify their specialties, so when someone does look at the page, they’ll have a much better chance for a good match between the person looking for that service and the provider,” Converse said.

Once the website experiences enough user traffic, Driven Performance Marketing plans to charge a small fee for listings. The marketing company is developing relationships with large online retailers interested in integrating the directory on their websites. Several major online stores have already integrated the directory to some degree. was created to fulfill a two-fold need in the industry, according to Donna Green, marketing manager at Burnsville-based Retro USA, a maker of retro-styled chrome for muscle cars.

“Our customers, including online stores and individuals, were continually asking where to get Retro USA parts installed,” Green said. “We realized that we had the names of over 400 restylers and installers from years of participating in car shows, including SEMA, and advertising in trade magazines. We also realized that we had the know-how and the connections to make a directory happen.”

Converse and Green founded Driven Performance Marketing to serve the industry with a new kind of partnership between online stores and local installers. The second reason Converse and Green felt so motivated to build the directory was to give brick and motor installers exposure on the web.

“Individual restylers and installers are focused on the nuts and bolts of their business,” Converse said. “Finding the time to stay current with internet marketing can be burdensome. Appearing when and where automotive enthusiasts are shopping is difficult, if not impossible, to do on an individual basis but not with the directory planted in online stores.”

The directory also serves as an affordable online marketing campaign for restylers, some of which are disconnected from the Internet.

“There doesn’t need to be a competitiveness between the online store and the local installer because both can do what they do well and work together,” Green said “Online stores are great at getting product information out to online shoppers, while installers are great at installing a product on a car. Neither one can do what the other can do, so let’s pair them up. Let’s go with the way the new lines of distribution are going.” was recognized at SEMA as a top ten new business idea by the Young Entrepreneurs Network.