Omix-ADA Releases Jeep Hard Parts Catalog

Jun 2, 2014

While the company’s Rugged Ridge division is best known for having complete lines of Jeep accessories, the new catalog focuses on some of the company’s other brands and the parts that are necessary to keep vehicles running, such as fuel filters and steering link adjusters.

“Most of Rugged Ridge’s products are want-based,” said Henk Van Dongen, marketing director at Omix-ADA. “Conversely, this new catalog focuses on parts that are needed. Something like a tire carrier or cargo net system is a luxury, geared more toward convenience or cosmetic upgrades, not necessarily a need. A water pump, however, is essential. We want to serve our customers as a one-stop shop for all their needs.”

The Omix-ADA 2014 Hard Parts catalog will be available for order at