Omega’s Now Shipping Virtual Salesman

May 24, 2017

Omega Research & Development Technologies is now shipping its Virtual Salesman retail kiosk, for counter top and wall-mount display.

The centerpiece of the portal is this very sophisticated, interactive, customizable system designer called Virtual Salesman, according to the company. It features a highly-evolved quoting engine which is pre-loaded with information on Omega’s entire product line. During set up, the dealer can select which Omega products they carry, set their own pricing and labor rates, select which features are included or which are paid-for upgrades, and offer all compatible accessory upgrades.

Virtual Salesman can then be used to easily gather important customer information, such as vehicle year, make and model, what type of system they are shopping for (security, remote start, combos, and OEM upgrade), as well as what particular features are important to them. Virtual Salesman then takes that information, and, using the dealer’s selected product line, tailors the system for each customer. Virtual Salesman will even suggest available upgrades and accessories that fit the install.

Since Virtual Salesman will only present the Omega products that the dealer stocks, there’s a unique Virtual Salesman created for each dealer.

“Our dealer base is as diverse as our product line and we realize how challenging it can be to understand all the potentials for every customer and vehicle,” said Mike Thompson, product development manager and designer of Virtual Salesman. “Virtual Salesman ensures that our dealers will maximize their dollars per sale, increase their close ratio, and do it with pin-point accuracy. Virtual Salesman is powered by the OmegaLink vehicle database and automatically matches interface modules and data start systems to the selected vehicle.

“The system can be setup in minutes, and if dealers really want to bring Virtual Salesman to life, it offers custom vehicle profiles that allow them to limit which systems are offered per vehicle, choose their preferred interface, and even adjust the total labor for perfect estimates every time,” Thompson added. “Once customers design their system, Virtual Salesman will email the quote to the customer & dealer with contact info, itemized list of all parts, upgrades, and accessories for easy follow-up and scheduling.”

Dealers can also use any web-enabled device (like all store computers, tablets, or custom displays) to use Virtual Salesman.

For information on becoming an Omega dealer, send an email to [email protected] or visit