Oliver Racing Partners with Lucas Oil

Jul 23, 2013

Oliver Racing Parts, Grand Rapids, Mich., has teamed with Corona, Calif.-based Lucas Oil to provide Lucas Oil’s Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease with every set of Oliver’s line of connecting rods.

“Our testing showed Lucas Oil Extreme Pressure Grease delivered more consistent torque specs than other lubricants,” said Joseph A. Moch, president and CEO of Oliver Racing Parts, in a press release. “Dependable results are critical to engine builders who are striving to reach the highest levels of engine performance.”

Lucas Oil also will be used exclusively in the Oliver Racing’s factory during the assembly of connecting rods, the release noted.

“For years, Lucas Oil has been making terrific oils and greases for race teams, and now a lot of equipment manufacturers are realizing what the racers have known for a long time: that our products are the best on the market,” said Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil Products Inc. “We’re very happy to have Oliver Racing Parts supplying our Lucas Oil Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease, a powerful lubricant that will perform perfectly with their I-Beam Connecting Rods.”

Oliver’s connecting rods and Lucas Oil Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease are both specifically suited for racing applications. The grease features special bonding agents that create a lubricant film between moving metal surfaces and gently reduces friction.