NEWS BLOG: Presidential Candidate Boosts SEMA Petition Against EPA

Feb 19, 2016

The presidential campaign of U.S. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio gave support Tuesday (Feb. 16) to SEMA’s petition against proposed EPA clarifications to race car modification rules.

The Rubio campaign shared the White House petition on the Republican candidate’s website in a post titled “The EPA’s Latest Overreach Is Coming to a Race Track Near You.”

“The EPA maintains this is merely a ‘clarification’ of its existing rules, not a new rule, but hobbyists are worried their cars are now technically illegal,” the Rubio campaign posted. “Of course the rule could never make any dent in air pollution, but it could get in the way of you or your neighbor’s hobby.”

Following a posted link to the SEMA petition, the Rubio campaign stumped for support.

“For the sake of America and American jobs-”and racing fans everywhere-”we need a President who will stand up to the EPA and rein in out of control government regulation.”

Will other presidential candidates weigh in? Is Rubio a SEMA ally?

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