A Newfangled Traffic Light Built for People and Robots

Apr 27, 2017

Evgeny Arinin acknowledges that a traffic light’s three colored circles work hard, managing the flow of traffic around the world, Wired writes. But the Russian industrial designer believes traffic signals could communicate instructions more clearly. With that in mind, he’s crafted an alternative: an LED display that uses its shape, big arrows, and punchy icons to loudly articulate the rules of the road.

Arinin’s design is still a concept (and a finalist in this year’s Lexus Design Awards), but it spotlights a few cracks in current traffic signage systems. Consider that the traffic light, a 105-year-old design, rarely operates on its own. It belongs to a larger, sometimes scattered, ecosystem of signs that alert drivers to things like roadwork and school crossings, unprotected lefts, and when they can and can’t turn right on red.

Drivers have to synthesize all this information as they approach an intersection. Soon enough, so will driverless vehicles. With that technology on the horizon, according to Wired, now is an ideal time for designers to reimagine how intersection signage could communicate all this information more succinctly.

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