Newegg Takes Aim Selling to Auto Aftermarket Shops

Newegg, a tech-focused e-retailer, has unveiled a new automotive product category on its B2B website, As of today, the category offers more than one million SKUs, with plans to grow significantly as new vendors sign on to the platform, according to the company.

“Automotive and technology customers are becoming more similar each day as tech continues to push today’s automotive market,” said Danny Lee, Newegg’s CEO. “We find there’s a growing contingent of our B2B customers who source products for their businesses. We’re here to serve those customers with our new automotive product category.”

Newegg is leveraging its tech heritage to create a tech-focused automotive marketplace that makes it easy for B2B customers to find and purchase products critical to their automotive businesses. Newegg’s automotive category features a wide range of automotive products, with a central focus on vehicle maintenance, tools & equipment, electric vehicle supply equipment, as well as industrial & agricultural products.

While Newegg has sold automotive products for many years, this marks the first time all automotive products are found under a single category. Improved site navigation and straightforward category presentation make it easier than ever for customers to find the products they need, according to the company. Newegg’s B2B customers have the option of purchasing products individually, or purchasing in bulk.

Newegg’s B2B marketplace offers another place for automotive suppliers to sell through Newegg, reaching customers via the platform’s global footprint in more than 50 countries, according to Newegg.

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